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Our "25 Ways to Lead a Fuller Life" story resonated with many of our readers. Some suggested a few of their own ideas, others told us what they had already accomplished. Here’s what they had to say. If you have anything more to tell us about what you read, send an e-mail to


A List of Their Own

Your “25 Ways to Lead a Fuller Life” article was interesting and thoughtful, but for those of us who are able to make the most of our days in smaller ways, here is a new list that I whipped up.

  1. Go for a hike, bike or cross-country ski.
  2. Pack a picnic and head to the beach.
  3. Play catch, badminton, soccer, flag football or croquet in the backyard.
  4. Rent a cabin for a weekend.
  5. Help out at the food bank or soup kitchen.
  6. Take the kids to a local museum or art gallery.
  7. Do a bottle drive for a local charity.
  8. Take the kids to watch the planes landing and taking off at the airport.
  9. Sign up for a course at a local college, community centre or art gallery, or online.
  10. Write to an elderly relative.
  11. Volunteer to read with students at your child’s or grandchild’s school.
  12. Walk dogs at the Humane Society.
  13. Join a club to learn something new: astronomy, theatre, rowing.
  14. Offer to help a newcomer practise English.
  15. Pick up garbage at a local park, trail or school.
  16. Host an exchange student.
  17. Plan a family vacation to a different province.
  18. Plan a potluck dinner or bonfire with a few other families.
  19. Build a luge track or snow maze across several yards with your neighbours.
  20. Build a house in your own community, through Habitat for Humanity.
  21. Get involved with the parent council at your children’s school.
  22. Take the kids – or an elderly relative – fishing.
  23. Build a backyard rink.
  24. Start learning a new language.
  25. Tap some maple trees in the spring, and make maple syrup. Yum!

Janet Hilliard
North Bay, Ontario

Give It a Try

I was intrigued with the “25 Ways to Lead a Fuller Life” article, and then I was thrilled with some of the suggestions. I had written a “bucket list” a few years ago, and while I had crossed off some of the items, it needed updating. I now have some new things to add to my list, including seeing the polar bears in Churchill, viewing the northern lights, driving all of historic Route 66 and travelling to my family’s place of origin. I was going to add “go to a Stanley Cup final game,” but as a Leafs fan, well, maybe that belongs on a wish list.

Linda Bazoian
Brantford, Ontario

Make Time for Fun

“25 Ways to Lead a Fuller Life” was an excellent article, reminding me to not take life so seriously and to make time for life’s important things, not just the never-ending “to-do” lists! For that, I thank you!

Tara Sinclair
St. Andrews, Manitoba

A Few More to Go

I retired from 30 years of teaching at the end of June, so your article “25 Ways to Lead a Fuller Life” got me curious to see if I have done any of the 25. Turns out I have completed five of the 25 things so far. Only 20 to go! I am planning to complete a couple in the next year. I have actually thought about doing many of these, and a few I had never thought of doing are quite intriguing. Hopefully, investing my retirement allowance with Investors Group will give me the opportunity to accomplish most of them.

Chris McCaig
Saint John, New Brunswick

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