Financial Advice From Your Future Self

3 crucial savings tips you need to know about now.

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The earlier you begin, the greater your rewards.

If your future self could give you some advice, it would probably sound an awful lot like this: “Start early. Ask for help. Have fun!”

A group of retirees recently shared very similar sentiments about their finances in an Investors Group and PMG Research report called Value of Advice in Canada’s Retirement Market.

Why not learn from their financial mistakes and successes to get yourself on solid footing as you start to save for your retirement? Here’s the advice retirees would have wanted to share with their 20-something selves:

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    Start early

    Make the magic of compound interest work for you by starting your savings as early as possible. Debt reduction is important, too, but don’t let it interfere with your plans to save – even the smallest amount saved early will grow.

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    Ask for help

    Working with a financial advisor to create a fully comprehensive financial plan brings great benefits, including increased investment discipline and greater savings. Again, the earlier you begin, the greater your rewards.

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    Have fun

    Those surveyed said retirement is easier if you know what you like to do. If you are lucky enough to do work that is aligned with your interests and passions, you may not even want to retire!

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