Providing you with a seamless transition

When you are ready to join IG Wealth Management, our comprehensive onboarding experience will help to ensure a smooth transition. We are committed to:

• Investing time in advance of you joining IG to fully understand your practice
• Coordinating a customized onboarding plan
• Synchronizing the information and technology required to ensure a seamless transition to IG

  • Stage 1: Understanding your practice

    Timing: four to six weeks prior to joining IG

    During this stage, we ensure that we’re a good fit as we come to understand your:

    • Team structure
    • Target market
    • Planning and product philosophy
    • Review your goals and expectations

    We combine this information to deliver a memorable onboarding experience.

  • Stage 2: Coordinating your customized onboarding plan

    Timing: 0-2 weeks post appointment

    During this stage we schedule comprehensive orientation meetings with key IG team members. They’ll provide you with the necessary resources through your transition. These include:

    • Your Regional and Divisional director, who will provide system training and business coaching
    • Your compliance manager, who will help guide you in your transition
    • The IG investments team, which provides an in-depth introduction to our product shelf and investment philosophy
    • The Planning Specialist Network gives you access to experts in the areas of wealth, estate and debt management planning
    • Your field marketing team that helps you to create your marketing plan and monitor it effectively

    Select the description that best describes your practice:

    Practice size <$20M

    Bank brank employee 20M+ or Full-service brokerage / Independent dealers / Full-service mutual fund dealers $20M-$50M

    Full-service brokerage / Independent dealers / Full-service mutual fund dealers $50M+

  • Stage 3: Getting started

    Timing: Up to three months after joining IG Wealth

    Throughout this period, we support you by:

    • Ensuring a smooth account opening and client servicing process
    • Providing you with client service support resources
    • Updating you with detailed progress reports 
    • Supporting you to focus on clients’ needs and business growth

  • Stage 4: Ongoing business

    Timing: month four and onward

    We work with you to ensure your success as an IG Wealth Advisor as you:

    • Focus on holistic financial planning
    • Build annual business plans
    • Master the tools and technology available to assist you and Clients
    • Develop and finalize marketing and prospecting initiatives

  Interested in joining IG? Here is what you can expect in our selection process

Our team of Talent Acquisition Specialists and Field Leaders are committed to ensuring that you have all of the necessary information you need to make an informed decision about joining IG. We have designed a selection experience that is relevant and modified to your tenure and experience within the financial services industry. It allows us both the opportunity to determine our fit for one another. Watch our video to learn more about the selection process.



Meet with a Regional Director and/or Talent Acquisition Specialist to understand the benefits of making the transition to IG. We recognize that there is much to consider and are available to meet as many times as required to have your questions answered.



Submit your resume when you are ready and interested in being considered. A member of the talent acquisition team in partnership with the Regional Director will formally connect with you over a series of meetings and assessments to review your career goals and professional experience.



Upon the conclusion of your selection experience, should interest be mutually agreed upon, a Regional Director will formally present you with an offer and begin the onboarding process.

“IG knows what it takes to successfully transition a practice from one dealer to another. My transition was seamless, and my clients could not be happier with my decision to join IG.”

David Alexander – Advisor, IG Wealth Management

Interested in learning more?

A Senior Talent Acquisition Specialist is available to answer any questions that you may have.

Herp Lamba, Head of Advisor Practice Recruitment