Effective marketing programs that deliver high quality client experiences

We have an exceptional marketing program to help drive acquisition and build long-lasting relationships with Clients and their families.

Digital marketing

We offer a comprehensive suite of digital tools to build an impactful social presence and effective digital prospecting strategy. We regularly update a library of pre-approved and highly effective social media posts, videos and images that you can share with one click. Social media workshops, training videos and coaching are available to help you stay current with digital marketing. We also provide Advisors with a personalized webpage to manage your own events, team profile and capture your online referral and lead generation activities.

Seminars, webinars and events

Turnkey live and digital seminars, webinars and hundreds of elevated events are planned annually to help raise your profile and attract new Clients. Use other robust IG tools, such as collateral and our proprietary Client Acquisition Plans, to help you target prospects and organize your own prospecting events.

Governance of your sales and marketing compliance

We have a team dedicated to reviewing all your sales and marketing materials to save you time and keep you protected from a compliance standpoint.

"New financial advisors at IG have unlimited support and can get assistance even as they’re getting up to speed. That’s not something you find in most wealth management companies; I would say it’s leading in  the industry."

Rose Diesen – Division Director, IG Wealth Management

Training and ongoing coaching

We provide you with in-depth training and ongoing coaching on all aspects of marketing and prospecting. You will receive continual support from the Field Marketing Team to help you develop your marketing plan, assess its effectiveness and keep it on track.

National advertising

Our national advertising campaigns build brand recognition and consideration while promoting products and services to help make conversations with prospects and Clients easier and productive. You’ll benefit from:

• National TV and digital advertising

• Ad campaign toolkits with full suites of marketing material, including email campaigns, video, ads, social media and other tools

• Empower Your Tomorrow: our comprehensive community engagement platform focused on building financial confidence and literacy

• High profile sponsorships that align with our vision to build financial confidence

Interested in learning more?

A Senior Talent Acquisition Specialist is available to answer any questions that you may have.

Herp Lamba, Head of Advisor Practice Recruitment