Mortgage support:  Homeowner Assistance Program

During this unprecedented time, IG Wealth Management knows that you may have questions or uncertainty about your ability to make payments on your mortgage. IG Wealth Management’s Homeowner Assistance program is available to provide support measures to qualifying clients. It is our commitment to work with you and find the right personalized solution to assist you through any financial hardships.

You may contact us, and we will work with you on personalized and flexible payment solutions,  on a case-by-case basis, that are best suited to your individual needs.

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For more information or questions, you may contact the Mortgage Contact Centre, open Monday to Friday, 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. (CST) 

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Be mortgage-free sooner

Lump sum payment

Make a lump sum payment each year of up to 15% of your original principal amount and reduce the overall interest you pay on your mortgage.

Increase your payment

Once per year, increase your regular payment amount by up to 15%. Even a small increase can have a big impact.

Double-up your payment

Make an additional mortgage payment on a few – or each – of your regular payment dates.