IG Wealth Management Introduces IG Living Plan Snapshot™ to Measure Canadians’ Financial Well-Being

New online resource  examines five dimensions of financial life and combines

IG’s expertise in financial planning, digital technology and data science

Winnipeg, MB – October 29, 2019 - IG Wealth Management today introduced the  IG Living Plan Snapshot™, a proprietary online resource that provides Canadians with an indication of their financial well-being in less than 15 minutes.  It brings together IG Wealth Management’s expertise and experience in financial planning, digital technology and data science to provide a “snapshot in time” of how capable a household is of making their financial aspirations a reality.

The IG Living Plan Snapshot™ is specifically designed for Canadians who do not yet have a comprehensive financial plan or who feel that their existing plan does not take into consideration all of the dimensions of their financial life.  Using advanced artificial intelligence and data algorithms, the IG Living Plan Snapshot™ guides an individual through a series of questions related to five dimensions of their household’s financial life, including:

1.       Managing cash flow and daily spending;

2.       Planning for major expenditures such as real estate;

3.       Preparing for the unexpected with insurance and emergency funds;

4.       Optimizing retirement savings; and

5.       Sharing one’s wealth through a charitable giving strategy and estate planning.

They are then provided a result (from 0-100) based on their responses. There are several ways someone can improve their result - all tied to the five key financial well-being categories.

“Financial well-being is about more than just investing and returns,” said Jeff Carney, President & CEO, IG Wealth Management.  “What makes the IG Living Plan Snapshot truly unique is that it provides a holistic and comprehensive measurement of all aspects of a household’s ability to realize its financial goals.”

Existing IG Wealth Management clients will also benefit. Leveraging some of the next-generation technologies found in the IG Living Plan Snapshot™ and the extensive details of their personalized financial plans (called IG Living Plan™), IG clients will have access to a robust and simplified assessment of their current financial well-being along with actionable next steps through their advisors.

“Improving your IG Living Plan Snapshot result is much easier to do if you work with a professional and develop a comprehensive financial plan.  They have the experience and training to help you understand the big picture, make smarter decisions and ensure you have enough savings and the right tax strategy to achieve your goals today and tomorrow, whether it be buying a cottage, putting your kids through school or living out your dream retirement,” continued Mr. Carney.

This is corroborated by a report by the CIRANO research institute which found that households who worked with a financial advisor for 15 or more years gained 290 per cent more value for their assets than comparable households that did not.

Mr. Carney concluded by noting that IG Wealth Management’s advisors place a priority on financial planning, “Our Consultants are committed to helping strengthen their clients’ sense of financial well-being so that they can confidently embrace life’s possibilities.  Key to this is providing a unique, holistic, and client-centric approach to financial planning that reflects their evolving needs and aspirations. This results in a single, integrated view of a client’s financial life and, because no two clients are alike, each IG financial plan is tailored to their specific needs.”

To determine your current level of financial well-being, visit www.investorsgroup.com.

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About the CIRANO Report

The report, The Gamma Factor and the Value of Financial Advice, was authored by Claude Montmarquette and Nathalie Viennot-Briot and published in 2016.


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