Impact of 2016 Federal Budget on Investors Group Corporate Class Inc.

Winnipeg, MB – April 6, 2016: The March 22, 2016, Federal Budget announced proposals that would eliminate the deferral of capital gains tax for investors switching between different classes of shares within a mutual fund corporation (the “2016 Budget Proposal”).

The 2016 Budget Proposal will treat a switch between Corporate Class funds occurring after September 2016 as a disposition at fair market value for tax purposes which will likely trigger capital gains or losses. Switches between different series of shares within the same Corporate Class fund will not be affected by the 2016 Budget Proposal.

I.G. Investment Management, Ltd. manages 60 classes of Investors Group Corporate Class Inc. (“IGCC”).  The list of IGCC classes is:

Investors Canadian Money Market Class
Investors Dividend Class
Investors Canadian Equity Class
Investors Canadian Growth Class
Investors Canadian Large Cap Value Class
Investors Canadian Small Cap Class
Investors Canadian Small Cap Growth Class
Investors Core Canadian Equity Class
Investors Low Volatility Canadian Equity Class
Investors Quebec Enterprise Class
Investors Summa SRI™ Class
IG Beutel Goodman Canadian Equity Class
IG FI Canadian Equity Class
IG Fiera Canadian Small Cap Class
IG Franklin Bissett Canadian Equity Class
IG Mackenzie Canadian Equity Growth Class
Investors Core U.S. Equity Class
Investors U.S. Large Cap Value Class
Investors U.S. Opportunities Class
Investors U.S. Small Cap Class
IG AGF U.S. Growth Class
IG FI U.S. Large Cap Equity Class
IG Putnam Low Volatility U.S. Equity Class
IG Putnam U.S. Growth Class
Investors European Equity Class
Investors European Mid-Cap Equity Class
Investors Global Class
Investors Greater China Class
Investors International Equity Class
Investors International Small Cap Class
Investors Low Volatility Global Equity Class
Investors North American Equity Class
Investors Pacific International Class
Investors Pan Asian Equity Class
IG AGF Global Equity Class
IG Mackenzie Cundill Global Value Class
IG Mackenzie Emerging Markets Class
IG Mackenzie Ivy European Class
IG Mackenzie Ivy Foreign Equity Class
IG Templeton International Equity Class
Investors Global Consumer Companies Class
Investors Global Financial Services Class
Investors Global Health Care Class
Investors Global Infrastructure Class
Investors Global Natural Resources Class
Investors Global Science & Technology Class
IG Mackenzie Global Precious Metals Class
Allegro Income Balanced Portfolio Class
Allegro Balanced Portfolio Class
Allegro Balanced Growth Portfolio Class
Allegro Balanced Growth Canada Focus Portfolio Class
Allegro Growth Portfolio Class
Allegro Growth Canada Focus Portfolio Class
Maestro Income Balanced Portfolio Class
Maestro Balanced Portfolio Class
Maestro Growth Focused Portfolio Class
iProfile Canadian Equity Class
iProfile U.S. Equity Class
iProfile International Equity Class 
iProfile Emerging Markets Class

I.G. Investment Management, Ltd. continues to assess the implications of the 2016 Budget Proposal for the Corporate Classes. Existing shareholders of Investors Group Corporate Classes may wish to speak with their Investors Group Consultant about their investment options.