Investors Group adds no-load series to Investors Real Property Fund

Winnipeg MB – November 14, 2016: Investors Group announced today the addition of a no-load series to the Investors Real Property Fund (the “Fund”).  The new series follows Investors Group’s announcement to discontinue the deferred sales charge (DSC) series for its mutual funds effective after December 31, 2016.

The new no-load series being added to the Fund are Series B and JNL as well as the creation of a no-load purchase option for Series C.  Pricing for the Fund’s no-load series will be aligned with existing pricing in effect for the Fund’s DSC series.

The Fund is designed for long-term investors as investments in real property are not as liquid as some other types of securities. To protect the Fund’s unitholders, the Fund may charge a liquidity fee of up to 2% of the net asset value of no-load purchase option series units redeemed from the Fund if the redemption occurs less than 18 months (548 days) from the date the units were acquired.

These changes are expected to take effect on or about January 16, 2017, subject to regulatory approval.

November 14, 2016