Investors Group announces innovative approach to portfolio diversification with launch of Investors Risk Parity Private Pool

Winnipeg, MB – January 25, 2016: As part of its on-going commitment to expand high net worth investment solutions, Investors Group is pleased to announce its first private pool available only to accredited investors (asset and income thresholds required to qualify as an accredited investor are contained in the offering memorandum). The Investors Risk Parity Private Pool is available today, January 25, 2016.  

While traditional asset allocation focuses on the allocation of capital, which results in a balanced portfolio’s risk being driven by equities, risk parity utilizes a unique approach to diversification focussing on the allocation of risk. This approach aims to generate attractive risk-adjusted returns over time while diversifying risk across and within a broad array of asset classes. This will appeal to affluent investors who are looking for non-traditional options for greater portfolio diversification. The private pool will be sub-advised by PanAgora Asset Management, a global leader in risk parity investment management.

“This product addresses the demand for new and innovative investment options to complement and enhance investors’ financial plans,” said Todd Asman, Executive Vice President of Products and Financial Planning. “Investors will benefit from the ability to diversify using strategies not available to mutual funds offered by prospectus.”

Important information about Investors Risk Parity Private Pool is described in an offering memorandum and is available through an Investors Group Consultant.