Investors Group’s Maestro Portfolios™ mark their first anniversary with over $2 billion in assets

Winnipeg, MB – July 26, 2016: Investors Group’s Maestro Portfolios are marking their first anniversary in July with $2.3 billion in assets, making them the most successful product launch in Investors Group’s 90-year history.  

“The strong response to these mandates speaks to the success of the dynamic management approach used by the funds,” said Todd Asman, Executive Vice President of Products and Financial Planning. “This innovative approach combined with professionally crafted diversification enhances the client experience by managing market volatility without compromising long-term growth potential.”  Maestro Portfolios consist of three distinct mandates:

The Maestro Portfolio fund family appeals to investors seeking a dynamic approach to asset allocation without giving up long-term growth potential or income.

The Maestro Portfolios are sold by prospectus. Please contact an Investors Group Consultant for a copy of the Fund Facts documents.

July 26, 2016