Retiring Investors Group CEO Murray Taylor Receives Financial Literacy Leadership Award

Winnipeg, Manitoba, May 5, 2016 – The Canadian Foundation for Economic Education (CFEE) today presented retiring Investors Group CEO, Murray Taylor, with an award to recognize his many years of leadership and commitment to helping improve financial literacy and education in Canada.

Under Mr. Taylor’s leadership, and with Investors Group’s support, CFEE’s 20 year program Money and Youth has thrived. As but one example, over 430,000 copies of Money and Youth have been provided to schools and homes across Canada, free of charge, to help teachers and parents improve the financial capability of young Canadians. In some cases, provinces have distributed copies of Money and Youth to all students in grade 10 as a life skills resource – including Investors Group’s home province of Manitoba.

“Murray Taylor has taken a personal interest, and played a very active role, in the success of Money and Youth” said Gary Rabbior, President of CFEE. “For a senior executive, with so many demands upon his time, Mr. Taylor’s keen interest and participation has been exceptional and is a reflection of his commitment, and that of Investors Group as a company, to helping our youth be able to build a successful financial future.”

In addition to supporting the Money and Youth program, Investors Group has supported CFEE’s Building Futures program. Through this program, CFEE works with provinces to integrate financial education into the core compulsory curriculum in grades 4-10.

“I am not aware of any corporate leader in Canada who has done more to encourage and support the financial education of our youth,” Rabbior said. “Murray Taylor is certainly deserving of this award in appreciation of his leadership and vision. We thank him for all that he has done – on behalf of CFEE and the hundreds of thousands of Canadians who have benefitted from his belief that financial education should be a priority.”

Investors Group is continuing its support for improving the financial confidence and capability of young Canadians including the “Money and Youth” and “Building Futures” programs.

May 5, 2016