Securityholder vote results for Investors Group fund mergers/objective change

Winnipeg, MB – September 1, 2015: At meetings held yesterday, securityholders approved mergers involving IG AGF Canadian Growth Fund/Class[1] and an investment objective change for IG Mackenzie Canadian Equity Growth Class[1].

Fund mergers vote

The following Investors Group mergers were approved by securityholders and are expected to occur after the close of business on September 11, 2015.

Merging fund


Continuing fund

IG AGF Canadian Growth Fund

To merge into

IG Mackenzie Canadian Equity Growth Fund

IG AGF Canadian Growth Class[1]

To merge into

IG Mackenzie Canadian Equity Growth Class[1]

Benefits of mergers

The mergers are expected to result in a larger asset base, providing the potential for efficiencies in investment management, and more comprehensive investment exposure for securityholders of the merging funds, which may result in enhanced diversification and portfolio management opportunities.

Investment objective change

Approved in a separate meeting yesterday was the investment objective change of IG Mackenzie Canadian Equity Growth Class The Class will continue to seek to provide long-term capital growth, but will do so primarily by exposure to the common shares of Canadian based corporations of any size through investment in other mutual funds and/or directly in equity securities. This change is expected to result in potentially greater efficiencies in the management of the Class portfolio

The objective change is expected to take effect on or about September 4, 2015.