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  • Q: What is a synchronized plan?

    A synchronized plan covers your entire financial life — investment, mortgages, insurance, retirement, tax and estate planning. We can help you understand your whole financial picture so all parts of the plan work in harmony and you can reach your goals. With everything working together in your plan, you can make financial decisions that put you in control for life … from marriage and children to caring for elderly parents to retirement and your legacy.

  • Q: What’s right for me? RRSP, RESP, TFSA?

    Let’s talk about what’s right for you. Different people have different needs. Sometimes it’s more important to save for retirement and an RRSP takes precedence; perhaps you’re getting close to retiring and you want to make sure your finances are ready. For others, saving for children’s education through RESPs might be a priority. You might also need funds you can access quickly for specific goals through a Tax-Free Savings Account. We can answer your questions to help you determine which funds suit you best, or whether it’s better to save through all three. 

  • Q: Is my home a savings plan? Should it be?

    Your home is an important asset and it might be your largest. But it shouldn’t be your only one. With a synchronized plan, you can get all your assets working together for the future you want — your investments, insurance, retirement, education, tax-free and other savings as well as your home. Our advisors can answer your questions.

  • Q: Can a synchronized plan help my taxes?

    A synchronized plan helps you know when to sell and when it’s better to hold on. Our advisors can show you not only how to treat capital gains and losses, but also other strategies for treating different types of income when tax time comes. 

  • Q: Does income splitting still work?

    Yes, income splitting is still allowed in many cases. But the rules have changed. Our advisors can go through the details and show you what will work and when you can shift income to spouses and family members. 

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