Investment loan

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What is it?

Borrowing to invest lets you capitalize on market opportunities by giving you a larger sum of money to invest at once – instead of making smaller investment contributions over a period of time. This larger sum now has more time to grow, which helps you build more wealth through compound returns.

Things to consider

To help enable this strategy, our investment loan provides up to 100% financing for the purchase of IG Wealth Management mutual funds. We can help you figure out if this strategy makes sense for your situation.


  • Loan amounts starting at $10,000
  • Competitive fixed or variable interest rates
  • Flexible borrowing terms from up to five years, and for amortization periods up to 30 years1
  • Make monthly interest-only payments, or principal and interest payments (bi-weekly or monthly loan payments)
  • Make additional payments, or pay the loan in full at any time without penalty
  • Annual loan statement
  • Optional creditor life insurance is available