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When markets are turbulent, keeping a long-term focus on your financial goals is more important than ever. Your IG Living Plan™ has been designed to help you weather all market conditions, positioning you in the best possible way to achieve your long-term financial goals.

Your financial well-being, peace of mind and progress towards your goals are always top of mind. 

Statement Changes 

We’re committed to continually improving your client statement experience.

Your new statement features:

  • Consolidated view of your investment portfolio, eliminating multiple statement types.
  • Easy to read market value and totals for both individual and joint accounts.

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Important Notice

We are moving all IG Wealth Management accounts to a new digital platform to enable us to expand our service offering and online access to you for your IG accounts.

As a result, you will have received two statements confirming the following: a final closing-out statement from your old account, and a new statement with your new account number and up-todate balance at year-end. It’s important that you keep both of these statements, which will help with your tax reporting, as explained below.   

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Tax reporting


If you currently hold our iProfile Private Portfolios or Series U funds, the advisory fee for your nonregistered accounts may be deductible in arriving at taxable income.  

As mentioned above, it is recommended that you keep both statements, as together they will provide the total amount of advisory fees that you may be able to deduct for tax purposes. Please consult your tax advisor for more information. 


Depending on the activity within your account(s) last year, you may need to report on your new and old account. Therefore, you may receive one or more tax receipts.  

These are not duplicate receipts and may look different from past receipts depending on the account for which they are issued. Please ensure you report all issued tax receipts on your income tax.  


If you made a transaction on both your old and new account in 2019 that triggered a capital gains (or loss), you will receive a separate T5008 slip for each in the mail in February, consistent with the timing of other tax slips. In the past, this may have been included on your statement. Please use this slip when preparing your income tax return.  

If you were an existing client in December 2018, you would have received a notice of important changes occurring to your account. Click here for a copy of that mailing.

Have Questions?

Contact your IG advisor who is always ready to help. You may also contact us regarding your new statement.


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