Revenu Québec tax slip information

Revenu Québec issues tax slips (Relevés) in French only. Below we have provided translations of the information entered on the slips. Refer to the appropriate Relevé and click the link here to view and download.


Revenu Québec- RL-1 Slip: Employment and Other Income (courtesy translation) (


Revenu Québec- RL-2 Slip: Retirement and Annuity Income (courtesy translation) (


Revenu Québec- RL-3 Slip: Investment Income (courtesy translation) (


Revenu Québec- RL-16 Slip: Trust Income (courtesy translation) (


Revenu Québec- RL-18 Slip: Securities Transactions (courtesy translation) (

The document below provides a courtesy explanation of the information entered on the RL-15 slip and instructions for entering that information on the appropriate lines of the personal income tax return (TP-1-V). Click the link here to view and download.


Revenu Québec- RL-15 Slip: Amounts Allocated to the Members of a Partnership (courtesy translation) (