What real retirement planning looks like

Time to switch from an investing plan to a complete retirement plan.

Making sure you cover all the bases of real retirement planning

Many Canadians spend years contributing to a “retirement plan” without realizing it’s actually just an investment plan. For a financially secure retirement, you need a concrete idea of how much you’ll need to save, and also consider inflation-proofing, life expectancy risks and tax efficiency.

Actively monitor the income you’ll need

We keep track of changes in your personal life, your income, your goals and the markets, and alter your retirement plan as needed.

Understand your sources of retirement income

We help you to become aware of all your retirement income sources and discover any shortfalls that might require additional future saving.

Essential retirement planning legal documents

We help you organize the documents you’ll need in retirement, such as a will, power of attorney, protection mandate and more.

Get the retirement lifestyle you’ve been working towards

iProfile Enhanced Monthly Income Portfolios offer predictable, tax-efficient income, with a focus on performance to preserve and grow your money. 

How to achieve better retirement planning 

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Want a real retirement plan?

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