A Wealth of Women’s Stories podcast: Episode 3 now available

On November 30, IG Wealth Management released episode three of their new podcast, A Wealth of Women’s Stories, featuring guest Fate Saghir, Head of Sustainable Investing at Mackenzie Investments.


Fate joins the award-winning entrepreneur and podcast host, Manjit Minhas, to discuss the impacts of diversity, equity, and inclusion, and being open to different perspectives. Through her own story, Fate shares how she challenged the status-quo, acknowledged her fears, and accepted challenges through openness and resilience.

Fate joins the IG community of inspirational women supporting women. A place where empowering words of support, advice, storytelling, and inclusion hope to connect women professionals in a dynamic, authentic, and safe way.

You can listen here or on your favourite podcast streaming app!

Episode 3: Fate Saghir, on acknowledging fears, accepting challenges, and being resilient

“Don’t prove your haters wrong, prove your supporters right,” says host Manjit Minhas in episode three of A Wealth of Women’s Stories. She is joined by Fate Saghir, Head of Sustainability at Mackenzie Investments, for a discussion on inclusion, empowerment and challenging the status quo.

A thought leader with over 14 years experience in financial services, Fate also sits on two Advisory Boards: Timea’s Cause, an organization dedicated to building awareness in human trafficking, and the Women’s Collection, an organization focused on enabling financial literacy for women. Fate has forged her own path and shares her inspiring journey of resilience, all the while proving her supporters right.

“I think our best thinking is diverse thinking,” says Fate

Learn more at ig.ca/women.

*Note: Podcast is available in English-only