A Wealth of Women’s Stories podcast: Episode 4 now available

On December 14, IG Wealth Management released their fourth and final episode of Season One’s A Wealth of Women’s Stories podcast.


The episode features guest, Alyssa Davies, founder of the award-winning Canadian personal finance website, Mixed Up Money. Alyssa launched her blog in 2015 at a time when the only things that existed in her life were night clubs, clothing stores and debt. Through life’s milestones, her financial life changed dramatically. Alyssa joins award-winning entrepreneur and podcast host, Manjit Minhas, for an enjoyable and relatable discussion about women, wealth, and the misconceptions of money. Through their experiences and insights, they break down why personal finance is personal for a reason, and the best approach to manage your money.

Alyssa joins the IG community of inspirational women supporting women. A place where empowering words of support, advice, storytelling, and inclusion hope to connect women professionals in a dynamic, authentic, and safe way.

You can listen here or on your favourite podcast streaming app!

Episode 4: Alyssa Davies, on the misconceptions of personal finance and wealth management

“Personal finance is personal for a reason”, says guest Alyssa Davies, founder of Mixed Up Money, in the fourth episode of A Wealth of Women’s Stories. She joins award-winning host, Manjit Minhas, for an in-depth discussion on women, their wealth, and the misconceptions of money.

Neither a certified financial planner, a certified public accountant, or an expert in any type of finance, Alyssa Davies makes money easy and fun, in a way that allows her audience to relate. As a woman who believes in financial equality, she places importance on acknowledging and vocalizing the difficulties women face, and provides the tools needed to succeed and be heard. She has been featured in The Globe and Mail, FLARE, Global News, and last year published her first book, The 100 Day Financial Goal Journal.

Learn more at ig.ca/women.

*Note: Podcast is available in English-only