IG’s Empower Your Tomorrow community workshops go virtual

The COVID-19 pandemic has turned how we work upside down. This has meant that we’ve had to consider new ways to deliver our Empower Your Tomorrow community workshops, which provide valuable personal finance training to Canadians all over the country.


Delivering financial education to those who need it most

IG Wealth Management is committed to helping build strong communities across Canada. We believe this starts with helping Canadians to have confidence in their finances, so they have more control over their life. We designed our Empower Your Tomorrow program to give Canadians resources to take control of their financial future.

Through our community partners, the Canadian Foundation for Economic Education (CFEE) and Alzheimer Society, we help organize financial planning workshops attended by thousands of people, every year. We focus on those people who need this help the most, such as seniors, youth and newcomers to Canada.

We tailor each seminar to the unique needs and concerns of each group. IG consultants participate in the workshops and cover financial topics such as planning for the future, budgeting, using credit and financial decision making.

We have also helped to distribute over half a million Money and Youth textbooks across the country. These textbooks, broken down into modules, provide young adults with the skills to manage money more effectively and make their own financial decisions. The free online version of the book can be accessed at moneyandyouth.com, to help parents navigate these discussions with their children while they’re stuck at home.

Delivering seminars in the time of social distancing

Just before COVID-19, we delivered workshops in Ontario, B.C. and Quebec. Once we realized that in-person seminars were no longer possible, we quickly shifted focus to virtual delivery and held a few pilot workshops in the spring.

We’re now going full speed ahead with virtual workshops for the late summer and fall. On August 11, we hosted our largest community workshop so far, a Money and Youth workshop. It was aimed at IG clients and their high school/college/recently graduated children, with topics including planning for the future, saving and reaching financial goals. 

We can now reach more people

Delivering our workshops virtually has brought with it some unexpected benefits. Primarily, we expect to be able to reach far more people than ever before. Previously, our seminars were typically limited to 50 people or less, due to geographical, mobility and venue capacity limitations.

Now we can accommodate much larger audiences. Our August youth workshop was incredibly successful, with over 260 attendees. We’ll now be able to reach far more people, including those in remote areas or with mobility issues.

Also, family members can now attend and learn together, increasing the financial confidence of the whole family. This was more difficult to achieve with the in-person format.

How you can find out more

You can access the online version of Money and Youth here. If you or someone you know would like to attend one of our youth, senior or newcomer workshops, please contact your IG Consultant.

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