More stories. More inspiration. A Wealth of Women’s Stories podcast returns for season three.

It’s time to share more stories of support, advice and inclusion.

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Continuing the momentum built from two-seasons of inspiration, A Wealth of Women’s Stories podcast is set to return to your favourite streaming platform on May 2.

Hosted by award-winning entrepreneur Manjit Minhas, the podcast features stories of empowerment, breakthrough and perseverance shared by inspirational women from all walks of life. It is both a place to discuss issues that impact women and their careers, and a place to share words of encouragement, advice and storytelling that connect women professionals in a dynamic way.

Season one found immediate success with each episode reaching the top 25% of all podcasts across platforms within the first seven days of their release, which extended to all episodes in season two.

The podcast has become a community of women supporting women. Now three seasons in, that sentiment hasn’t slowed.

“I really enjoyed interviewing these remarkable women and hearing about their journey, including their challenges, triumphs and lessons along the way,” said Manjit Minhas.

Season three launches May 2

Join us as we introduce you to women who challenge societal norms, break down barriers and are inspiring others to reach their full potential.

The podcast is in English only, and will be available to stream on Google Podcasts, Apple Podcasts, Spotify and more.

You can download the new episodes as they become available from your favourite podcast or streaming service. And, if you haven’t done so already, take the opportunity to go back and listen to the stories of our incredible guests from season one and two.

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