#BreakTheBias one episode at a time

The theme of International Women’s Day (IWD) 2022 is #BreakTheBias. IG Wealth Management is committed to help break bias through celebrating women’s achievement, raising awareness and taking action for equality. IG also looks to honour International Women’s Day with a special “A Wealth of Women’s Stories” podcast episode that curates some of the most impactful stories of breaking bias, from season one.

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The “A Wealth of Women’s Stories” podcast, hosted by award-winning entrepreneur and Dragon’s Den co-host Manjit Minhas, started with the idea to bring together inspirational women from all walks of life to share stories and ideas of empowerment, breakthrough, and perseverance.

When IG Wealth Management decided to launch the podcast in the Fall of 2021, no one knew what to expect. Many downloads and one full season later, what started as an idea has become a community of inspirational women supporting women.

“A Wealth of Women’s Stories” is a place where words of encouragement, advice and storytelling are shared and it is connecting women professionals in a dynamic way.

Releasing the new episode on International Women’s Day also supports the need to have more women’s voices heard. It also amplifies the need for more women in leadership roles and for promoting women through the ranks in an organization.

To tie the episode thematically to International Women’s Day, the team selected stories about breaking bias that capture both “best of” and unaired moments from season one. Joining host Manjit Minhas are four incredible guests: Catherine Choi, Alyssa Davies, Stachen Lett-Frederick and Fate Saghir, who all share thoughts and insights on leadership, mental health, diversity, equity and inclusion, and overcoming bias.

But that’s not all. IG is excited to announce that season two of “A Wealth of Women’s Stories” will be launching in May 2022. The team is looking forward to bringing forward more stories of empowerment, perseverance, and breakthrough.

The podcast will continue to challenge the misconceptions and biases surrounding women professionals and grow its community of empowerment and inclusion that are connecting women and allies in an authentic and safe way.

We hope you take the opportunity to enjoy this very special “Best of Season One” episode. Together we can all #BreakTheBias, on International Women's Day and beyond.

Listen now on Apple Podcast or your favourite podcast listening app.

Learn more at ig.ca/women.

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