Catching up with Chris and Laura from The Dream Team

When Chris and Laura first appeared on The Dream Team, a series by IG Wealth Management, they were full of ideas for their nonprofit. What they were missing was the financial guidance and business advice to streamline those ideas. Now, after having worked with Manjit Minhas, IG’s Alana Riley and the rest of the team, they have a clearer picture of what the future holds for their organization.

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Out of their passion for cycling, “seniorpreneurs” Chris and Laura founded Alberta Bike Swap — a safe way for Canadians to buy and sell a bike, and a wonderful initiative that not only promotes safety, but allows them to donate the profits from each sale to community cycling-based initiatives.

Their dream of a bike swap took off and Chris and Laura began holding a number of events across the country. With the organization experiencing success, ideas of expanding into other areas of cycling became a possibility. However, with only the two of them running it, they faced challenges keeping up with demand and figuring out how to continue growing and expanding the business. They were questioning how they could move forward.

That’s when they met The Dream Team and realized that focusing on their core business rather than expanding into other areas was the right choice — which is exactly what they’ve been doing since filming. After seeing their episode, a senior developer offered to digitize their software: a huge step in allowing others to run events, freeing up Chris and Laura from having to be there. Working with IG has also allowed them to allocate funds toward a marketing and communications strategy. They continue to be in touch with Manjit and Alana, as well as Wendy Mayhew, who focuses on assisting entrepreneurs over the age of 50 and who has been an invaluable asset for Chris and Laura.

Being on the show helped them realize that by reducing the number of ideas they had, they could ensure a bright and successful future for Alberta Bike Swap. It also reinforced the importance of their organization, the interest there is in cycling, and their passion to continue to build this important initiative to support those who benefit from it.

With a clear vision for their organization, Chris and Laura can now focus on “what’s next” for Alberta Bike Swap.

Haven’t watched Chris and Laura’s episode? The Dream Team, a series by IG Wealth Management, is available on CBC Gem.

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