Financial confidence starts with a comprehensive financial plan

Having a holistic view of your financial life is more important now than ever before. A well-constructed financial plan which allows you to monitor your goals, and change accordingly, is the key to establishing your financial confidence and well-being.

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Now more than ever we need to plan for the unplanned.

That’s why we built the IG Living Plan. It’s designed for times like this to ensure your financial plan stays on track to meet the goals you set for you and your family. If there’s one thing all Canadians want to achieve, it’s true financial well-being. We have previously started your IG Living Plan, however now more than ever is a great time for us to complete it.

As a reminder, the IG Living Plan is designed to provide you with confidence and peace of mind, today and for the future and to support your financial needs in the following ways:

The IG Living Plan takes a comprehensive view of your entire financial picture, giving you the freedom to:

  • Set and track goals across major life events with the IG Living Plan Assessment
  • Explore scenarios and tax efficiencies
  • Monitor your progress using Online Access and the new IG Wealth mobile app
  • Track goals across major life events, and explore scenarios and tax efficiencies where applicable
  • Your IG Consultant will provide you with the tools and technology that you need to support your planning journey. They will build and monitor your plan with you, to ensure that you stay on track.
  • 24/7 online access so that you can access your IG Living Plan and portfolio information easily and conveniently. 

By working with your IG Consultant to finalize your IG Living Plan, you will receive a personalized IG Living Plan Assessment. This assessment considers all six dimensions of your IG Living Plan to provide you with a score out of 100, and a list of opportunities identified by your consultant. You can use these opportunities to improve your financial well-being and embrace more of life’s possibilities. Contact your IG Consultant to get started.

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