Stop these top four money leaks

Money leaks are small expenses that add up over time – sometimes to the tune of hundreds or thousands of dollars per year.


Every time you choose to spend (or not spend) money, you have a chance to improve your financial well-being. For example, spending $60 a month on a membership you don’t use or subscribing to online newsletters you no longer read, are money decisions you make that can lead to what financial planners call “leakage”.  

4 ways a financial plan reduces leakage

Smarter budgeting

Every month, money flows in (income) and money flows out (expenses). Focusing on how and where you spend, can help make your money work smarter. For example, cancelling a $100/month membership you don’t use, could divert $1,200 a year toward one of your registered accounts such as an RRSP, TFSA, RDSP, or RESP. Over time, your contributions to these accounts can grow faster due to tax-deferred or tax-free growth, just by stopping one leak. 

Minimize taxes

Not taking advantage of every available tax credit and planning opportunity is equivalent to giving money away. For many established families, a detailed tax plan can reveal leakage caused by not maximizing credits and refunds or not taking advantage of alternatives such as income splitting or trusts. Your IG Wealth Management Consultant can show you how to minimize taxes and why these savings are every bit as valuable as returns made on investments or other forms of income.   

Plan for and manage debt

A financial plan sets out a series of steps that reduces leakage to debt and interest payments each month. For example, when you consolidate debt at a lower interest rate you can either pay it off faster, or use the savings to invest in longer-term goals such as retirement.

Protect yourself now and in the future

Life, critical illness, and disability insurance are all designed to financially support you or your beneficiaries in case of an unexpected event. In effect, they replace the money and/or income that would otherwise leak out of your savings due to one-time or ongoing costs.

Importance of advice and building a full financial plan

No one is expected to find the perfect balance of savings, investments, and protection on their own. An IG Consultant has the tools, experience, and knowledge you need to create a truly synchronized plan that stops the leaks and helps you take advantage of all life’s opportunities.

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