a) Operation

The Fundlists feature available through this Site is provided and operated by, a division of CTVglobemedia Publishing Inc. using's facilities and resources. Access to the Fundlists, whether creating, amending or reviewing, is actually a hyperlink from this Site to globefund’s site, and all interaction with the Fundlists is taking place on that website.

b) Cookies

The operation of a Fundlist necessarily involves the use of session cookies and the introduction by of a persistent cookie on the hard drive of your computer so as to allow to recognize your computer each time you access the Fundlist feature and so that your personal Fundlist may be displayed. The cookies introduced by are unknown to and not accessible by Investors Group.

c) Confidentiality is solely responsible for the operation, including the content, of the Fundlists features and pages. Information relating to the creation or maintenance of Fundlists, including the fact that someone has created a Fundlist and the information contained in that list, is in the possession of and is not available to nor accessible by Investors Group. Investors Group has obtained assurances from as to the confidentiality of all information which is provided through this Site, but no guarantee of such confidentiality is made by Investors Group.