Vanessa Bowen is inspiring women to live life on their own financial terms.

“You have permission to create a life you love…” “Follow the hollerings of your heart and live life fulfilled…” “There is more to our financial lives than just the numbers…”


These inspiring quotes come from Vanessa Bowen, founder of Mint Worthy. Featured as a money expert on CBC, Global news, Breakfast Television and in the Toronto Star, Bowen aims to change the way women relate to money and empower them to step into a life of financial freedom.

In episode nine of A Wealth of Women’s Stories podcast, Bowen joins host Manjit Minhas (co-star from TV’s Dragon’s Den) for a conversation about Mint Worthy and her mission to help more women become comfortable with money and live in their financial worth.

“I didn't want Mint Worthy to just be another personal finance coaching platform,” says Bowen. “I really wanted to create lasting financial change for my clients, I didn't want to just put a Band-Aid on it and say, ‘Here's your budget, here's your savings and investment plan, go run with it’. I wanted to make sure we got to the root of what created the financial life that they're living in today.”

In order to help create lasting change with a client, Bowen begins by looking at their mindset.

“We don't talk about your budget, we don't talk about your savings plan or your TFSA or RRSP, until we shift your mindset first,” says Bowen. “How we relate to money is truly a reflection of how we relate to ourselves, and how we relate to life. It's all mindset, but it’s still related to our financial life.

“Just like we work on our health, or our relationships, our mindset is fundamental in how we live our life, how we experience life; the joy or not so joy that we have in life, the results we achieve.”

While people learn what they need to learn to succeed in their careers, Bowen says most of the time no one has taught them about money.

“As I was building Mint Worthy, I was reflecting on my own money journey and realizing, well, why did I feel that way? Why was it that I'd have the pay increase, but still have the insecurities. So that's what started this journey of me uncovering my own relationship with money. And then as I was supporting my clients, I was really looking at their money stories, and seeing the parallel between their stories and my stories,” says Bowen.

She chose to focus on empowering women with Mint Worthy because Bowen says she wanted to be someone that women could see in themselves and relate to.

“I knew what it was like to spend over my means, to go into debt and to struggle to pay my rent. And I wanted to be the voice for other women who had been there,” says Bowen. “When I was going through it, I felt like I was the only one. I didn't know of anyone else because we weren't really talking about this.”

“We are all worthy of wealth, we are worthy of abundance,” says Bowen.

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