Frequently asked questions

  • What are the benefits of tax planning for individuals?

    Minimizing the amount of tax you pay means you keep more of your income and investment growth. This will help you meet your goals faster: from paying off debt to saving for retirement or your kids’ education.

  • Are there any simple ways to reduce my taxes?

    You can reduce your tax bill considerably by taking advantage of all the tax deductions and tax credits that you’re entitled to.

    Federal tax deductions include:

    •  RRSP contributions
    • Spousal support payments
    • Deductible interest charges on loans used to earn income from a business or property
    • Union and professional dues
    • Contributions to a company pension plan
    • Some moving expenses
    • Expenses related to self-employment
    • Child-care expenses

    Federal non-refundable tax credits include:

    • Medical expenses (for example, you could pool your family medical expenses on the lower income spouse’s tax return)
    • Charitable donations (for example, you could pool the donations you and your spouse made in the year, or carry them forward up to five years)
  • Who needs tax planning?

    All individuals and organizations that pay tax can benefit from tax planning. Many tax credits and government assistance programs are calculated based on net income on tax returns. Using tax strategies can help ensure you maximize these benefits and credits, such as by making RRSP and TFSA contributions, so your taxable investment income is lower.

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