Term Certain Annuities (TCAs)

TCA’s offer a guaranteed payment amount over the term of the investment.

  • Security and safety – Investors Group TCAs are backed by the financial strength of Investors Group Trust Co. Ltd
  • Competitive interest rates – guaranteed for the full term of the investment
  • Five year terms are available for all provinces
  • Choices of payment frequency available are:
    • monthly;
    • quarterly;
    • semi-annually; and
    • annually
  • Options for tax reporting:
    • Prescribed – interest earned is reported for taxation purposes as a constant throughout the entire term of the TCA
    • Non-prescribed – interest is reported as it is earned, therefore a larger portion of tax in the initial years when the payout is comprised primarily of interest
  • CDIC protection – opportunity to maximize CDIC coverage for terms up to 5 years


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