IG’s continued commitment to Indigenous communities

The month of June encompasses both National Indigenous History Month and National Indigenous Peoples Day (June 21). While these are important, Damon Murchison, President and CEO IG Wealth Management, believes it’s critical that support for Indigenous peoples isn’t something that’s limited to just 30 days of the year.

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Through the IG Empower Your Tomorrow Indigenous Commitment, IG Wealth Management is dedicating $1 million a year to support programs and initiatives to further the financial confidence of Indigenous communities in Canada. The program began in 2020 with $5 million in funding committed over five years as part of a national strategy.

“We want to provide all Canadians with the education and resources they need to feel confident about their futures,” said Murchison. “Indigenous peoples are particularly underserved when it comes to accessible and culturally appropriate financial services.”

“IG has been working with partners to provide significant community support for Indigenous peoples through various local and national partnerships and initiatives, scholarships, employment skills training and more.  We believe this commitment and the resulting partnerships with Indigenous communities will help build greater financial confidence for their members,” said Murchison.

Here are some of the programs, initiatives, and partnerships IG Wealth Management is working on with Indigenous communities throughout the year: 

Prosper Canada
Prosper Canada is a national charity which provides economic opportunity to Canadians that need it most. IG and Prosper Canada have launched a new financial wellbeing program for Indigenous communities, with pilot programs already up- and- running in Manitoba and Ontario. These programs include access to identification, tax filing, money management and RESP workshops. 

Imagine a Canada 
IG has also partnered with the National Centre for Truth and Reconciliation (NCTR)’s Imagine a Canada Initiative. The program asked Canadian youth from K-12 and CÉGEP to envision a Canada reconciled and put together ideas on how they will make this happen through art, events, essays, and poems. 

Downie Wenjack
Legacy spaces are safe, welcoming places dedicated to providing education and spreading awareness about Indigenous history and the journey of reconciliation. As part of its long-standing partnership with the Downie Wenjack Fund, IG is working to update and create legacy spaces in its Winnipeg and Toronto head offices, along with some regional offices across the company. 

National Partnerships & Programs:

The Canadian Council of Aboriginal Business offers memberships to Indigenous businesses, positioning them at the focal point for strengthening Indigenous communities.

The IG Empower Your Tomorrow Annual Giving Campaign provides funding directed to support United Way agencies that work with Indigenous peoples

Manitoba Partnerships & Programs:

IG is a signatory to the Winnipeg Indigenous Accord, an agreement through which Indigenous and non-Indigenous Winnipeggers can come together to learn, explore and share in reconciliation.

Fort Whyte Alive offers community farm programming for Indigenous youth to develop employment skills and experience.

The Legal Help Centre of Winnipeg provides legal assistance and information for low-income Indigenous families.

Opportunities for Employment is an organization that connects job seekers with employers. They offer employability, employment skills and education for Indigenous peoples.

The Business Council of Manitoba is an Indigenous Education Awards Program that offers scholarships for Indigenous students.

Murchison says that, while IG has a long history of supporting Indigenous groups and the company is very proud of that legacy, his company’s journey towards reconciliation isn’t over.

“This is an opportunity to build on our continued commitment to listen and learn from our Indigenous partners and community members,” said Murchison. “Despite all the important work we are doing, there is always more that can be done. It’s imperative that our country focus on education, truth and reconciliation.”

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